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There is no one size fits all, nor should there be. When it comes to nutrition, we believe that it is important that the process is completely personalised to you & your lifestyle.

The focus of the nutrition plan may be to:
– Educate you on how to fuel your body for performance
– Assist you with fat loss and/or muscle gain
– Assist in improving your relationship with food and your body
– Simply help you to live a healthier happier life
OR maybe the focus may be on all the above.

If you sign up to do nutrition coaching with us it will not be a quick fix, it will be a lifestyle change. It will be focused on self-improvement, on educating you & helping you to build sustainable long-term behaviours!

About the Coaching Process

Step 1

A 40-minute initial assessment *This can be done face-to-face at Arete or over the phone. Think of the initial assessment as a way of getting to know each other. This will help us figure out what coaching strategies may be the best fit for you.

Step 2

A few days after your initial assessment you will be sent the following documents:
An Education Booklet with all the basics on macronutrients, calories, flexible guidelines +facts about how to best fuel your body & how to make your nutrition work with you.
A Meal Template with some suggestions, ideas & recipes to help you with your nutrition.
A personalised game plan This will either be a one-off guideline or further information about structed weekly check-ins dependant on the method you choose.

Step 3

If you opt. for weekly accountability you will have weekly scheduled check-ins which can start as soon as you are ready to commit! For those that choose this option you will have on-going support & guidance to help you reach your goals. Down the track when you are feeling competent you also have the option to drop back to fortnightly check-ins.

What is need from you

A completely judgement free, honest, and hard-working environment focused on positive diet, training, and mindset changes, from both the coaching and client perspective. 100% commitment & trust in the process.

Cost for the Coaching Services

Weekly Payments
$30per week
  • for Arete Members
One-Off Guidelines
  • for Arete Members
Weekly Payments
$40per week
  • for Non-Arete Member
One-Off Guidelines
  • for Non-Arete Member


  • Bachelor of Health & Sports Science
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition

To book in initial assessment or to find out further information contact Coach Shay Southern. Email