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The Arete Tailored
Approach To Fitness

Regardless of your exercise experience, you are enough at Arete. You are FIT enough. You are STRONG enough & you are CAPABLE enough. Our class program is for everyone and we have the appropriate approach for you. We have raised the bar for CrossFit with unique programs that deliver an amazing workout every day! Our daily program offers 3 levels. AreteFit > RX > ADVANCED. Each program allows for any alterations that are required! EVERY movement can be amended, every kilogram lifted is based on YOU, every sweat session is run at your own pace. Arete is for everyone, and you are ENOUGH!
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Crossfit is a combination of strength, stamina, speed, fitness, gymnastics, skills & flexibility. From weighting to running and everything in between, CrossFit covers it all!

Push the workout to your own limits! Amend the movements to suit your fitness level! Have fun while changing your life, one workout at a time!



Our TeamFit sessions are designed for additional skill training, and a class dedicated to the more technical areas of CrossFit. From training muscle up drills, to learning how to handstand walk. This session covers all you need to take CrossFit to the next level!

TeamFit is also suitable for those that wish to compete in CrossFit competitions and want to practise.

CrossFit Kids


Suitable for children from 4-13 years old!

Our CrossFit kids classes are stimulating, fun & set the foundations for a healthy life ahead. These classes are run by a qualified coach. Teens aged 14 and above can join in to our regular CrossFit classes.

Friday Night Throwdown

The 1st friday of each month we like to get together as a community and partake in the ‘Friday Night Throwdown’.

This is a fun environment where we can test our teamwork & communication with partner WOD’s, challenge ourselves with a ‘Hero’ or ‘Benchmark’ WOD & compete in mini ‘competition’ style evenings! The Friday Night Throwdown is a community event with lots of laughs, cheering and FUN!

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