Movement Tip: The Shoulder Press

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Movement Tip: The Shoulder Press

Also known as the Strict Press or Overhead Press, and demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher, the Shoulder Press is the starting point of all our overhead work. It is a straightforward movement, that relies primarly on shoulder and tricep strength, rather than skills or timing, but making sure to nail down the detail in the performance points will help you to engage more core strength and protect your back. It also means you will be better prepared to build the Shoulder Press out to more complex overhead movements.

Points Of Performance

  • Stand on feet with hip-width apart
  • Hands positioned on the sides of the shoulders
  • Elbows slightly in front of the bar
  • Hold the bar with a full grip
  • Bar moves overhead inline with the middle of the foot
  • Torso and legs remain static
  • Heels down
  • Shoulders push up into the bar
  • Complete at full arm extension

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