Movement Tip: The Strict Handstand Pushup

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Movement Tip: The Strict Handstand Pushup

CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart demonstrates the handstand push-up. For some of us, getting upside down is something we haven’t done since we were kids, so your first step may be to simply turn upside down with your feet or knees on a box or a Handstand against the wall. There are plenty of ways to build more strength for the actual Handstand Pushup – start with Pushups in a down dog position and then start lifting your feet onto progressively higher boxes. Using dumbells or kettlebells overhead (particularly the controlled lowering of heavier weights) is also a great way to get stronger for Handstand Pushups. Once you are actually doing the Handstand Pushups, you may start by lowering yourself just to one or two abmats, but make sure you don’t neglect building strength in that last part of the movement (using one of the other progressions mentioned).

Points Of Performance

  • Stand on hands positioned shoulder-width apart
  • Start with arms extended
  • Descend body until head touches the ground
  • Elbows bend forward during the descent
  • Abdominals remain braced
  • Complete at full arm extension with a straight line of the body

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